Our Philosophy

Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation mission statement:
“Provide expert care driven by passion and purpose.”

A Note From Dr. Thomas Dandrea, D.C:
“When creating our core values I really took into account the goals of our practice, but also our MPR staff. It is because of them that Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has helped, and continues to help so many people feel better each day.”

As the staff calls him, “Dr. D” goes on to explain “I truly believe that our mission and core values are what continue to help our patients feel their best, they help our staff grow professionally and what separates us from the rest. We deeply care and appreciate each of our patients and do our best to help them succeed.”

Our Core Values: 

  • Be Driven by Passion and Purpose
  • Live with Urgency
  • Provide Manic Level of Service
  • Inspire Hope
  • Embrace Drive and Change
  • Be Adventurous, creative and open minded
  • Trailblaze both personally and professionally
  • Do More with Less
  • Pursue Growth, Education and Development
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  • Be Driven by Passion and Purpose

The overall pace of Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation and level of kindness our staff conducts themselves speaks to this on a constant basis.

Live with Urgency 
Our office values urgency, from low wait times for both new and existing patients to be seen and scheduling patients – we continue to strive to bring our patients urgency.

Manic Level of Service
Attitude is everything, we keep our level of excitement high and believe you should too as part of your success to feeling better.

Inspire Hope
We encourage and strive to keep each patient in a positive about their recovery, we believe a positive mindset is crucial for their path to wellness. We take time to praise our patients for the improvements as well as take initiative to ask how they are feeling and encourage them if their body’s may not be improving as quickly as they’d like them to.

Embrace Drive and Change
As humans, we can all be resistant to change. We focus on an open-minded mindset as well as apply excitement and reward to all things that will help stay in the progressive mindset.

Be Adventurous, Creative and Open minded
We encourage inspiration and collaboration, we listen to both patients and staff on ways to grow and improve our practice.

Trailblaze both Personally and Professionally
We are a company full of innovative and driven individuals. We’ve made strides to a management-free business model, because of this core value we have been able to make this both a priority and what we feel is necessary in success. We offer time to apply more of ourselves to the company and offer our strengths willingly and creatively.

Do More with Less
We realize the value of being productive and successful with less, we sometimes use only our two hands to help treat our patients

Pursue Growth, Education and Development
Our staff is eager to learn and grow. This is a priority both personally and professionally and plays a role in our success.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, we operate like a family, we can laugh, but we can also be serious…. and, like every business we face challenges but at the end of the day we absolutely know we can count on one another.