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30 Day Challenge

Adhere strictly to the following for 30 days

No grains (including whole grains, sprouted grains, quinoa)

No dairy products (no cheese)

Except Heavy whipping cream, butter, whey protein, Omega-3 eggs

No carbohydrates (this means no honey)

Sugar: Sucrose (glucose / fructose)

Lactose (glucose / galactose)

Maltose (glucose) (as in beer)

Potatoes, rice, legumes, sweet potatoes


No juice of any kind

No Alcohol

No trans-fats

No free glutamate (MSG), in any of its hidden forms

No aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, and no sodium benzoate

No artificial colors

No fruit


YES to coffee, tea, unsweetened coconut milk


What was your net weight change? (+ or -)