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Monmouth Pain and Rehab Testimonial

“….thank you again Dr. Murray…” I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Murray. Earlier this year I was seeing Dr. Murray for what I thought was Ulnar Nerve Entrapment. I had been seeing an orthopedic doctor as well. After multiple visits with no real improvement (I was actually declining), Dr. Murray suggested I start seeing other specialists to see if there was another issue. I had bloodwork done and all of the usual suspects Lyme’s, Shingles) came back negative. A few days after the bloodwork, and my condition getting worse, my legs actually gave out completely and I was transported, and admitted to the hospital. After multiple MRIs, more extensive bloodwork and eventually a lumbar puncture, I was diagnosed and treated for Guillain-Barre Syndrome on July. Unfortunately, I have since been rediagnosed as having CIDP, the chronic form of Guillain-Barre. I have attacks every three and a half weeks and receive IVIG infusions whenever I have an attack. I just wanted to thank Dr. Murray for telling me to look further. I’m not at a point where I could come back to the office (I use a walker with difficulty and am not allowed to drive) but hopefully when my CIDP flare ups start to subside I can continue my chiropractic work. I’m considering acupuncture for my CIDP, but as I said I cannot travel to the office yet. So anyway, thank you again Dr. Murray and Happy Holidays to everyone in the office. – Stefanie M.

Monmouth Pain and Rehab TestimonialI suffered from neck and shoulder pain for a good year before finally getting the proper treatment. Sleepless nights and unable to guide my yoga students efficiently was not an option. After 3 months of care at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation I feel so much better! It’s been a great combination of physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture that has helped me relieve the pain, become more aligned and gain strength. I have been pushed and challenged as well as comforted and consoled. I am still on the path to healing but I am confident that I will get back to 100%! Thank you to everyone at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation! – Rachel W.