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Aaron Park, L.Ac

Our Licensed Acupuncturist in Lacey Township, Aaron Park, earned a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He practices both acupuncture and herbology. Comprehensively trained and highly motivated, he uses his in-depth knowledge of Korean Sa’am (Four Needle) acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture and Trigger point Release Techniques.

Aaron believes in and exercises a very practical approach to improve musculoskeletal pain by applying both traditional acupuncture methods as well as the electro-acupuncture techniques, which use electro-stimulations to break the stagnations in affected muscles to improve the condition. Aaron treats all types of musculoskeletal pain and also specializes in digestive issues, headaches, gynecological disorders, and psychological disorders. Aaron especially emphasizes the fact that in order to bring wellness to the body, it is imperative to first have peacefulness and a balanced mental state. Therefore, in his treatments he values the communication with patients to achieve his holistic view of wellness.