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Disc Injuries and Acupuncture in Red Bank, NJ

Through medical care, physical therapy, and chiropractic treatment, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation helps patients resolve spinal disc injuries and put an end to the pain, numbness, and muscle weakness associated with disc bulges and herniations. As part of our ongoing and unrelenting commitment to healthy pain management practices, our office also offers acupuncture to combat the pain of disc problems and help the body to heal.

The role of acupuncture in treating disc injuries (as well as the resulting sciatica, neck pain, and back pain) is mainly for the relief of pain. Acupuncture has pain-fighting abilities that can help patients who are in search of freedom from suffering without drugs.

Acupuncture is in direct correlation with Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s entire paradigm of care—to seek out and practice methods of pain management and rehabilitation that are both effective and healthful for the body. Not only is acupuncture not damaging (it is safe and painless), it actually boosts the overall health of the body for better healing.