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Can Acupuncture help with Fertility and Pregnant Women?


Infertility has become a widespread topic of discussion throughout many households. What once was a taboo conversation, has turned into open and honest dialogues. With so many unresolved reasons why couples struggle to become pregnant, people have expanded their search as well as a mindset to consider alternative remedies in conjunction with Western procedures. Acupuncture has become an increasingly popular treatment that both men and women are utilizing in their fertility journey.

Many people are surprised at the vast benefits of acupuncture and how it can support fertility. Acupuncture can help escalate fertility through the reduction of stress, increased circulation to the reproductive organs, as well as balancing hormones. Acupuncture uses thin needles that are strategically placed throughout the body to stimulate points that activate the nervous and endocrine systems, which are responsible for the production of certain chemicals and hormones that regulate the body’s daily functions.

Stress is a commonly overlooked cause of infertility.  Cortisol, better known as the “stress hormone” increases in stressful situations. This can be triggered by physical, mental, or environmental stressors. When the body perceives stress, it goes into “fight vs flight” mode, which will prepare the body to combat or run, which creates an environment not conducive to becoming pregnant. Acupuncture can help counter the effects of stress and the production of cortisol through the stimulation and release of the “happy hormone,” better known as endorphins, which can help calm the mind and relax the body, thus creating a more ideal atmosphere for conception.

Stress restricts blood flow in the arteries of the body, which can then restrict circulation in the pelvis. Acupuncture can stimulate the circulatory system of the body. Blood flow can be directed to the reproductive organs, which can help improve sperm quality and development, egg quality, and follicle development, as well as balance the endocrine system and hormones. Certain levels of hormones are required to ensure ovulation, fertilization, and implantation in women and maintain strong production and motor function of sperm in men.

Research indicates that acupuncture in combination with IVF treatments helps increase the odds of becoming pregnant. While there is no specific treatment that is a “one size fits all,” the combination of diet, exercise, supplements, and acupuncture can all work cohesively to help keep stress levels down and balance hormones to promote a healthy internal environment to welcome a baby.

Acupuncture for Weigh Loss


“Only positive things to say about this facility. The physical therapists, chiropractors, managers, and acupuncturists are nothing short of exceptional. You receive fantastic guidance and treatment, all while learning the science behind why the body responds to said treatment. Not only do they provide the “how” but they also provide the “why”. Everyone is very professional yet personable which can be a difficult balance to master for many in the medical field. While they have the latest equipment and techniques of a top-notch medical facility, it doesn’t feel as if you’re in a clinical setting so to speak. It is a comfortable environment, which for me personally, is important to the healing process. I cannot recommend this place enough.”

–  Ryan L.

*Results may vary from person to person.




Wonderfully friendly and professional staff and amazing doctors! I love that I can come in and get an adjustment and acupuncture in the same visit. Nicole (acupuncturist) is amazing and I always leave feeling 1000x better than when I walked in. The practice is clean, modern, and convenient. I love it here and I’m so glad I found them a few years ago.”

–  Krista V.

*Results may vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acupuncture

Many individuals hear the word needles and are hesitant; here are a few FAQ’s to help you know what to expect from your acupuncture treatment.

Many ask, do the acupuncture needles hurt?
The needles are very thin and do not penetrate very deeply.  Most of the time you do not even feel the needle entering the skin, during the treatment or when they are removed.  Instead, you simply lie restfully in a spa-like setting.

Will I bleed from the needles used during an acupuncture treatment?
The needles are so thin, rarely will there be any blood and if it does happen it is usually a drop when the needle is removed.  But again, this is rare.

What if I need to move during my acupuncture treatment?
Movement is OK during the treatment and a practitioner is always available if you become uncomfortable or need to get up.

Is Acupuncture safe?
The needles used during an acupuncture treatment all new and never re-used and disposed of properly.  The acupuncture treatment is performed in a comfortable medical office.

Hopefully, some of your questions have been answered.  If you have any other questions about what to expect during your acupuncture treatment, don’t hesitate to contact one of our New Jersey Certified Acupuncturists before your treatment.

How Can We Help You?

If you are suffering from pain or are looking for an alternative method to treat your symptoms, contact Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation to get more information about acupuncture in Monmouth & Ocean County. Our licensed acupuncturist can help answer any questions you may have before your treatment. Even if you would like to simply have a consultation to see if acupuncture is right for you, contact us and we will accommodate your request and answer all of your questions.

Whether acupuncture is sought for fertility, weight loss, smoking, or preventative care, Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation’s Acupuncture Program is here to assist you meet your goals.  Call us today for a free consultation ($245 value) at 732-345-1377 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.

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