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Acupuncture for Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects in Monmouth & Ocean County NJ

Chemotherapy is an effective treatment option for battling many types of cancer, but is often accompanied by side effects whose severity ranges depending on the specific chemotherapy regimen. Many individuals experience the following symptoms following chemotherapy:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pain
  • Stomach Pain
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Nerve Pain
  • Dizziness / Giddiness
  • Abnormal Gait
  • Mental Fog
  • Hair Loss

Chemotherapy Pain Relief in Monmouth & Ocean County

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation in Shrewsbury, Wall, and Lacey NJ, our Acupuncturists expertly treat the side effects of chemotherapy to provide real relief to the community we serve. Our entire staff works together to provide every possible option for pain management and rehabilitation.

Our approach revolves around the idea of helping patients avoid unnecessary surgeries and medication, therefore reducing further damage and stress on the body. If you are interested in seeing how Acupuncture can help you find real relief from the side effects of chemotherapy and live in Monmouth or Ocean County contact Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation today!

Acupuncture for Treating Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The side effects of chemotherapy can be a distressing experience for many patients who are fighting cancer. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, we work tirelessly to provide a holistic support system in helping you find physical and emotional relief from the devastating effects of chemotherapy. Many studies show that acupuncture can serve as an effective complementary therapy in reducing nausea and vomiting experienced as a result of chemotherapy. Additionally, acupuncture is known to improve energy and alleviate stress to further combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

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Contact Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation and schedule your free consultation at our Shrewsbury, Wall, or Lacey office and take a proactive approach to finding real long-term relief. We look forward to helping with all your Holistic Pain Management needs. Please feel free to contact us directly by calling (732) 345-1377 or by emailing us using the Contact Form below. Please note that a referral is not necessary for your first visit.


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