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Acupuncture Treatment for Allergies in Red Bank

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Grass, weeds, pollen, dust and other allergens floating around the air create a disharmony in many people’s bodies. While medications offer fast, temporary relief, over-the-counter solutions do not provide our immune system the ability to balance itself for optimal health benefits. Acupuncture simultaneously treats the patient as a whole and addresses the causes of allergies and balances the immune system for an overall healing experience. Allergies can occur during any season but most will see a flare during the Fall and Spring months.

Treat Allergy Symptoms with Acupuncture Treatments

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation allergy symptoms are treated by addressing imbalances in the body with the use of acupuncture. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, allergies are caused by weak immune systems. Our acupuncture department examines our patients to discover issues rooted deeply in each individual who suffer from allergy symptoms and where they may be deficient. Strengthening these deficiencies the body is able to ward off sneezing, runny nose, water or itchy eyes, and other symptoms caused by allergens.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, located in Red Bank, NJ, incorporates multiple holistic, non-invasive strategies to treat allergies and other health concerns. Please contact us to learn more about our treatment options for allergies, as well as many other conditions.