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Chinese Medicine and Arthritis

Because arthritis is a disorder of inflammation, it is important to seek out treatments designed to reduce inflammation. It is also a smart idea to seek out drug free options before resorting to medical intervention. Acupuncture is a drug free, healthy approach to problems associated with inflammation. This type of care involves restoring balance to the body for better overall functioning.

The acupuncture practiced at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is centered on the concept of Qi, a life energy that flows throughout the body on pathways. Because arthritis is a painful, inflammatory condition, it is considered an interruption (or imbalance) of Qi.

Acupuncture works by restoring balance to the body’s life energy. From a more traditional (western) medical perspective, acupuncture has shown to be successful in treating the symptoms of arthritis because it stimulates the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers that block the sensation of pain. In reducing pain and inflammation, acupuncture helps arthritic patients improve mobility.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, and Arthritis

Despite being practiced for thousands of years in places like China and Japan, acupuncture has only recently been recognized in the Western world for its many health benefits. Because of this, not all practicing acupuncturists are necessarily qualified. It is important to know the credentials of your acupuncturist.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation makes this process easy for arthritis patients—our facility offers only New Jersey Certified Acupuncturists. Please visit our Red Bank office to learn more about how we can help with your arthritis symptoms.