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Arthritis and Chiropractic Care in Wall, NJ

Arthritis can cause immense pain and inflammation in various areas of the body such as the back, shoulders, neck, legs and arms. Arthritis tends to affect the joints of the body by causing them to swell, which puts abnormal stress on the back and spine. If there becomes too much mechanical stress on the spine, this could eventually lead to a condition called Osteoarthritis.

Mechanical stress can occur from poor posture or may even be the result from trauma. An atypical loading of weight on the back and spine has the potential to cause mechanical stress. Gradually, the body may start to become adjusted to the abnormal stress and loading, which can cause bone spurs. During a bone spur, osteoblasts (bone cells) develop in order to produce additional bone which forms on the joints of the spine that are prone to inflammation and pain.

Inflammation causes the spinal cord to narrow in some arthritis and/or back pain sufferers. Often, this can lead to the compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots.

A Chiropractic ApproachRED BANK, NEW JERSEY: Monmouth Pain (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant)

Chiropractic is designed to manually adjust the spine to restore mobility in the joints. Some techniques that can be used for arthritis patients are:

  • Trigger-Point Therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches
  • Epidural Steroid Injection
  • Facet Joint Injection

Osteoarthritis /Back Pain Symptoms

Arthritis pain tends to increase with movement, leading to immobility and a restricted quality of life and performance. Along with immobility and pain, you may experience weakness, numbness and tingling, and may possibly lead to bowel or bladder problems.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation of Monmouth County offer different approaches that will help reduce pain in ways that will fit your personal needs. Our medical care for treating arthritis consists of acupuncture (for pain relief), physical therapy (to focus on restricted mobility), and chiropractic care (to address poor posture and to reduce pain and inflammation). Please feel free to stop by our Red Bank or Wall office or call 732-345-1377 for more information.