Traditional Medical Treatment for Asthma

One of the benefits of modern medicine is the ability to prevent the constriction to the breathing pathways through various medications. However, these medications do not come without side effects and potential adverse reactions.

The most common medications used to treat asthma in children are inhaled corticosteroids or leukotriene modifiers. Leukotrienes are generally used in children with milder symptoms, or in combination with corticosteroid treatments. Some possible side effects of corticosteroids are:

• Poor growth;
• Decreased bone density;
• Easy bruising;
• Adrenal gland suppression;
• Oral candidiasis (thrush); and
• Hoarseness.

For kids who require the use of these medications on a daily basis, even the most innocuous effects can have a major impact on quality of life. Furthermore, there are lower dosage limitations for kids on medications, which could mean worsening symptoms that may not always be treatable. Of course, as with all treatments, a risk/reward analysis must always be performed between the parent, doctor, and child to determine the correct course of action.