Atlantic Highlands NJ Pain Management

An innovative new system of rehabilitation is now available for Atlantic Highlands pain management patients. For those suffering from painful injuries or from illnesses that cause debilitating pain, Atlantic Highlands patients can now locate medical care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. (See below for a list of some of the conditions treated in our office.)

Medical Care for Pain Management

Our office is unlike any other in that we provide traditional medical care alongside holistic and proven methods such as acupuncture. In order to provide medical services, we’ve incorporated a medical doctor specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). In particular, our Medical Director focuses on Interventional Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine. In addition to providing diagnoses, our medical doctor acts as the team leader in coordinating physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic services.

Our medical doctor also offers medication management (with a focus on the conservative use of medication) as well as injections of a corticosteroid and/or anesthetic. These options are part of our office’s commitment to healthy rehabilitation, which includes helping patients to avoid unnecessary surgeries and unwarranted drug use. For example, Epidural Steroid Injections might be used to alleviate the disabling pain associated with sciatica, thereby allowing patients to take advantage of physical therapy practices for rehabilitation.

Essentially, the goal of medical care at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is to help patients get out of pain, improve movement and strength while reducing the damage and stress on the body that is unnecessary and yet so often a component of the rehabilitative process.

PM&R doctors are also prepared to help with the emotional challenges so often ignored during rehabilitation. This distinguishes the type of care found at our office from other facilities in that our medical staff views and treats patients as a whole, offering help for physical, social, and emotional needs. The inclusion of acupuncture at Monmouth Pain and Rehab is also part of this aspect of care.

Physical Therapy

By including a full physical therapy program in our office, we’ve simplified the search for multi-disciplinary pain management and rehabilitation. When patients are in pain, it’s important to reduce stress as much as possible; our office helps by allowing patients to meet all of their needs under one roof.

Physical therapy is a crucial element in the rehabilitation process. While reducing pain, physical therapy also addresses the causes of pain. This is accomplished through active programs of therapy (therapeutic exercise) as well as healing technologies (such as low level laser therapy). The general purpose of physical therapy is to enhance or restore movement and flexibility, build strength, and prevent future injury. It can also help patients suffering from various illnesses (multiple sclerosis, arthritis, etc.) to retain or regain mobility.

With these objectives in mind, our physical therapy department offers the following: Spinal Decompression Traction; Electrotherapy; Neuromuscular Re-Education; Hot and Cold Therapies; Massage; Exercises using PowerPlate Technology; and Laser Therapy.


As a practice of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is especially helpful for the treatment of both physically and emotionally painful disorders. By stimulating specific points on the body, acupuncture helps patients take advantage of their own natural pain-fighting abilities. More specifically, acupuncture induces the release of endorphins (for pain relief similar to that of opiate painkillers) as well as serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with both the experience of pain as well as the regulation of mood).

Chiropractic Care in Atlantic Highlands

Normal movement is often restricted when the spine is misaligned in any way. These misalignments are known as subluxations, and may be caused by either trauma or poor posture over time. For example, when neck pain is present, it is often accompanied by a misalignment in the cervical (neck) spine. By working to improve total postural health, pain is reduced and a variety of illnesses and disorders may be prevented.

Contacting Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

You will find a condensed list of the conditions treated at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation below. Because we offer such a wide variety of treatment options, we are able to provide care for an extensive range of problems. To learn more about pain management for Atlantic Highlands NJ, please contact our office.

Anxiety Neck Pain
Migraine Back Pain
Arthritis Scoliosis / Posture
Chronic Pain Sciatica
Depression Knee Injuries / Knee Pain
Numbness/Tingling Hip Pain
Hypertension Auto Accident Injuries in Atlantic Highlands
Weight Loss Fibromyalgia
Spinal Stenosis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Disc Injuries Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sports Injuries in Atlantic Highlands Respiratory Conditions
Leg Pain Ear Infections
Smoking Cessation Sinus Problems
Allergies Tendonitis
Whiplash Headaches