Can Arthritis Therapy Help Manage Pain?



When you stub your toe on a chair leg or hit your head on something hard, you will feel pain for a while, but that pain eventually subsides. Even a more serious injury which causes pain for a much longer period of time will heal with proper medical attention. However, a person who suffers from chronic pain caused by a condition such as arthritis knows that pain will not completely subside. It may be necessary to seek out short-term medication use or therapy for pain management.



Understanding Arthritis Pain

Arthritis, in its most basic definition, refer to joint pain or disease when bone spurs or inflammation causes nerves to become compressed. It is not one single disease. There are over 100 types of arthritis and related conditions, and it can affect people of any age, sex, and race. Different types of arthritis include degenerative, inflammatory, infectious, and metabolic. 

Symptoms include swelling, pain, numbing/tingling, weakness, stiffness, and decreased range of motion in the shoulders, arms, back, neck, and legs. They can be mild, moderate, or severe and can become worse over time.

What Is Arthritis Therapy?

When arthritis pain relief is the goal, arthritis therapy and treatment can help. It is important that your pain management consists of methods to relieve the physical pain you are feeling but also the emotional challenges that often accompany arthritis pain. Our arthritis therapy NJ experts at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation design a pain management plan that best suits your needs and helps you improve your quality of life.

Options for Pain Management

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, our arthritis therapy NJ specialists offer a wide range of arthritis pain relief options which emphasize conservative, minimally invasive strategies:

  • Physical therapy: We focus on promoting your normal movement and functioning as well as an overall struggle to relieve your pain. It is non-invasive, helps you gain strength, and shows you how to avoid additional pain. We also offer chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy. 
  • Injections: Depending on the location and type of your pain, facet joint injections or epidural steroid may be an option for your arthritis pain relief plan. Both of these types of injections help to avoid unnecessary and painful surgeries.

When you make an appointment at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, we will design a pain management strategy tailored to your condition.

Start Relieving Your Arthritis Pain!

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, our goals are to help you reduce your pain, minimize your drug use, and avoid surgery. Through our multidisciplinary approach to pain management, we will design a customized treatment plan that treats your arthritis pain and your body as a whole by considering your physical, emotional, and social needs through the process. Contact Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation to make an appointment with our arthritis therapy NJ experts.

What Type of Clinic in NJ Do You Choose for Neck Pain?


Have you have ever woken up after a long night’s sleep and your neck hurt when you turned it to one side? Have you then attributed that pain to “sleeping on it wrong”? You know that the pain will eventually subside once your neck untightens, but in the meantime it may be very uncomfortable or even painful to turn your neck to one side or the other. Depending on the circumstances and pain level, you may need to consider a medical professional to help you get neck pain relief and return to your normal daily activities.


How to Choose a Neck Pain Clinic in NJ

Most people take advantage of the fact that they can live their lives free of pain resulting from a neck injury or neck soreness. For those who have symptoms such as headaches, numbness or tingling in the fingers, hand, or forearms, stiffness, compromised range of motion, pain spreading down the arms or to the upper back, and/or muscle weakness, pain and these symptoms may be a part of everyday life. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, the experts at our neck pain clinic NJ can help. 

We care about the wellness of your whole body, and our treatment strategies encompass your physical, emotional, and social needs. Living with pain can be extremely difficult, and it is very tempting to simply take a pain medication to ease your suffering. However, this is not a long-term solution. If you have decided to seek professional, medical assistance there are some qualification to search for and some questions to ask of your potential clinic.

Qualifications to Consider

When looking for the best clinic for neck pain relief, there are some qualifications to consider. Here are a few to help you narrow does candidates for your neck pain treatment center:

  • The center takes a holistic approach to treatment rather than a very narrow micro view.
  • The underlying cause of the pain is considered.
  • Minimally invasive approaches are considered before extreme ones like surgery to prevent further pain and complications.
  • There are a number of neck pain treatment options to mix and match to suit your specific needs
  • A proven track record

Questions You Should Ask

  • How many neck pain treatment options do you offer?
  • What kind of specialists do you have on staff?
  • How do you compare with other neck pain clinics in NJ?
  • What non-invasive treatments can provide me neck pain relief?
  • Will my treatment plan be tailored to my specific needs?

Call Our Neck Pain Specialists at Monmouth

At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, we specialize in a variety of options designed for neck pain relief, a return to balance in your life, and being as non-invasive as possible. From massage therapy to acupuncture, chiropractic care to rehabilitative treatments, we focus on getting you back to a pain-free life with an emphasis on the holistic approach. Body and mind work together to identify and treat the underlying cause of your pain. Contact us today to make an appointment for a free consultation to assess your symptoms and find the neck pain treatment that is right for you.

Consider Hip Pain Treatment with a Chiropractor


Although not as common or evenly dispersed among the population as other types of pain such as neck pain or one of the varieties of arthritis, hip pain can cause a lack of mobility and a serious reduction in a patient’s quality of life. This is why recognizing the symptoms of a serious hop condition is important so that a medical professional can diagnose your pain and begin treatment as soon as possible.



What Can Cause Hip Pain?

For patients over the age of 50, hip pain is commonly caused by osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. When the cartilage between the femur and acetabulum is greatly reduced, the twp bones rub together resulting in friction and inflammation which causes hip pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is also a common cause of hip (and many other joints) pain.

In addition to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, hip fractures (or other injuries/falls), bursitis, tendinitis, muscle/tendon strain, a hip labral tear, certain cancers, and avascular necrosis. Many of these causes are also made worse with strenuous activity and result in reduced range of motion.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Hip Pain?

Because everyone’s circumstances are different, the treatment for their conditions is never exactly the same. When it comes to hip pain treatment in NJ, the chiropractors at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation focus on realigning the body for pain relief and mobility restoration. There are numerous types of chiropractic adjustment techniques which could be employed at the discretion of your chiropractor. 

For the “pop” kind of treatment (where you feel like your back got cracked), our experienced chiropractor can use the high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust for a sudden, controlled force to the hip joint. The low-force, gentle chiropractic care is better for patients who are nervous for the “pop” or whose conditions would suffer from it. This method simply used a continual low force until you get the effect you want.

Chiropractic Benefits

In addition to the overall increase in mobilization and functionality, chiropractic hip pain treatment in NJ can relieve more discomfort than medication. It is also non-invasive, so there are few to no side effects from the treatment. At Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation, we create a treatment plan that is designed specifically for your needs, and we work to find the underlying cause of your hip pain.

Schedule Your Hip Pain Treatment with NJ Specialists

If you have hip pain and want to use chiropractic care as a means to treat it, contact the hip pain treatment NJ specialists at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation. We will diagnose your specific condition and take a holistic approach to your overall treatment. Our chiropractors want to treat your body and mind. Contact us today to set up an appointment for your hip pain consultation today!