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Auto Accident Treatment in Wall NJ

Chiropractic offers a healthy, drug free solution for common injuries suffered during and after an auto accident. Auto accidents often include conditions such as whiplash and herniated discs.

Damage that occurs during a car accident is often on the spine. Chiropractic is the field that specializes in disorders of the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, proper care ensures that every function of the body are working correctly.

Chiropractic & Whiplash

Whiplash often describes symptoms of the damage of soft issues of the cervical (neck) spine which usually follows an auto accident or other trauma. Whiplash is involved when the neck has had sudden and traumatic distortion – this may occur when a vehicle is hit from behind.  Whiplash can lead to severe issues if it is not addressed.

It is important to recognize the symptoms of whiplash and receive treatment as soon as possible. The sooner these warning signs appear the more serious the whiplash injury is but in some cases they may take a few days to appear. Symptoms of whiplash can include:

  • Pain in the neck and back
  • Pain in the shoulders
  • Headaches
  • Sensation of “pins and needles” in the arms & legs
  • Vertigo
  • Auditory or hearing disturbances
  • Visual Disturbances

Auto Accident Back Injuries

Auto accidents can cause a number of back-related injuries. The most common of these are herniated discs. The discs are located between the vertebrae. The circles of cartilage act as cushions when the body exerts pressure on the spine. Herniated discs occur when enough trauma causes outer shell of the discs to tear and the soft, central portion bulges out.

When a disc herniation happens – some auto accident patients experience severe pain in the neck or lower back that extends to other areas related to the injured nerve roots. Some may feel no pain at all but they may have sensations of numbness, tingling or other sensory changes within their body.

Chiropractic assessments after an Auto injury can be used to deter chronic pain or other health issues in the future.

Chiropractic can offer a drug free, effective approach to herniated discs or other back injuries that can be related to auto accidents. The spinal decompression traction and physical therapy can be used to stabilize the injury.

Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation facility in Wall, NJ has onsite x-ray technology and can offer a comprehensive orthopedic and neurological exam. After a condition has been diagnosed our team can use a number of techniques including to help your auto accident injury in Wall, NJ.

Our primary approach is called Chiropractic Biophysics or CBP this is a method that places importance on total spinal alignment and health. We are a facility that offers chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.