Auto Accidents and Back Pain: Rehabilitation and Pain Management in Monmouth County

The sudden trauma of an auto accident can lead to many of the conditions that cause back pain, including disc injuries; joint injuries; whiplash; muscle and ligament injuries; and more.

The first step in the recovery process is to seek out a diagnosis so that proper rehabilitative processes can begin. In particular, back pain associated with auto accident injuries must be dealt with immediately so that an acute injury does not become a chronic pain condition.

The recovery process for back pain associated with auto accidents is simplified at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation; the last thing a suffering patient needs is to endure a long, complicated pain management process. Toward this end, our Red Bank, NJ pain management office has incorporated a medical doctor specializing in pain management. This doctor works closely with our in-house teams of physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and chiropractic doctors to create integrated, successful, and cohesive pain management and rehabilitation programs.

Pain Management for Auto Accident-Related Back Pain

A Physiatrist is a medical doctor that specializes in pain management for musculoskeletal conditions. By focusing on healthy, conservative treatment options for back pain, this type of doctor can help patients reduce pain, regain normal movement, and avoid surgery.

Because an auto accident is a traumatic event both mentally and physically, the pain management doctor at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation addresses both the emotional and physical needs of patients during the rehabilitation process. Part of this is addressed through the system of care offered at our office—in reducing stress by allowing patients to find all the treatment options they need in one location. (Acupuncture is also an excellent treatment option to deal with the anxiety or other emotional symptoms after an auto accident.)

Physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care are effective, healthy means of recovering from the back pain that often results from an auto accident. For some patients, however, pain restricts the ability to take advantage of these treatment options. In such cases, our pain management specialists may recommend and administer one of a number of corticosteroid and/or anesthetic injections.

This minimally invasive strategy gets patients back on the road to recovery by reducing pain enough to allow patients to heal through constructive practices. Such injections may include Epidural Steroid Injections, Facet Joint Injections, Sacroiliac Injections, Coccyx Injections, Peripheral Joint Injections, and Trigger Point Injections. Click here to learn more about these.

Multi-Disciplinary Treatment for Back Pain and Auto Accident Injuries in Monmouth County

Visit or contact our Red Bank, NJ pain management and rehabilitation facility to learn more about treatment for back pain and auto accident injuries in Monmouth County. Our office is prepared to offer a full diagnosis and individualized treatment plan for each patient’s specific condition.