Auto Accidents and Back Pain: Rehabilitation and Pain Management in Monmouth County

The sudden trauma of an auto accident can lead to many of the conditions that cause back pain, including disc injuries; joint injuries; whiplash; muscle and ligament injuries; and more.

The first step in the recovery process is to seek out a diagnosis so that proper rehabilitative processes can begin. In particular, back pain associated with auto accident injuries must be dealt with immediately so that an acute injury does not become a chronic pain condition.

The recovery process for back pain associated with auto accidents is simplified at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation; the last thing a suffering patient needs is to endure a long, complicated pain management process. Toward this end, our Red Bank, NJ pain management office has incorporated a medical doctor specializing in pain management. This doctor works closely with our in-house teams of physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and chiropractic doctors to create integrated, successful, and cohesive pain management and rehabilitation programs.