Monmouth & Ocean County Rehabilitation Facility Offers Physical Therapy for Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents are a ubiquitous problem in densely populated, high-traffic areas such as Monmouth & Ocean County. Residents of this area are vulnerable to auto accident injuries, the most common of which include back pain and whiplash. Arm and leg injuries such as knee damage or arm fractures are also frequently seen in auto accident patients.

Many types of trauma, while not immediately apparent, may cause long-term chronic pain and other symptoms; it’s extremely important for those who have recently experienced an auto accident to seek help immediately. Whiplash, for example, can inflict serious damage on the cervical (neck) spine; an auto accident sufferer may never be aware of this injury until other (seemingly unrelated) symptoms begin to surface.

Many auto accident injuries lead to pain and immobilization. Whiplash is again a perfect example: a major symptom of whiplash is the inability to move the neck. The purpose of physical therapy is to promote maximum movement and flexibility while reducing pain.

There are a number of physical therapy modalities available at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation that may be used, depending on the type and severity of the injury, as well as individual medical history.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is an extremely important component of any physical therapy program. Exercises are determined for each patient in order to restore balance, strength, and range of motion. Often, equipment such as a vibration plate, recumbent bikes, graduated dumbbells, and/or an elliptical machine are incorporated.

For those suffering with auto accident injuries, therapeutic exercise may also include the use of Power Plate Full Body Vibration technology. This type of therapeutic exercise incorporates vibration to maximize circulation and restore damaged muscles and tissues.


For auto accident patients experiencing pain in the back, neck, arm, or leg, spinal traction is a non-surgical, effective therapy. It works because the correct positioning of the spine may reduce pressure on spinal discs. This type of therapy is often used for the treatment of herniated or bulging discs and works by alleviating the pressure on nerves to reduce pain.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

The overall goal of physical therapy is to restore and enhance mobility. Neuromuscular re-education works perfectly with this goal; it is a method that facilitates the return of normal movement in patients with neuromuscular injuries. Using manual techniques, this type of therapy promotes the body’s ability to heal itself by imprinting new messages to the control center of the brain (thereby replacing damaged patterns created by trauma or injury).

Low Level Laser Therapy

Many injuries (including limb injuries such as muscle tears and sprains) are treated effectively with Low Level Laser Therapy. This technology promotes healing by speeding up processes at the cellular level and aiding in the production of collagen, the main protein in connective tissues. Low Level Laser Therapy can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Physical Therapy for Auto Accident Injuries at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

The physical therapists at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation are widely recognized for their extensive knowledge and use of progressive techniques. For this reason, our Shrewsbury, Freehold, Wall, & Lacey NJ facilities are often recommended by physicians in the Monmouth and Ocean County Area.

Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation also offers chiropractic services for auto accident injuries; generally speaking, we recommend that chiropractic and physical therapy work hand-in-hand for many auto accident injuries.

If you have recently experienced an auto accident and would like help with your injuries, please visit our Shrewsbury, Freehold, Wall, or Lacey NJ office to learn more about physical therapy for auto accident injuries in Monmouth & Ocean County.

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