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Auto Accident Injury Program in Monmouth County: Rehabilitation for Airbag Injuries

Red Bank, NJ pain management and rehabilitation office provides treatment for the types of injuries often inflicted by airbags in serious auto accidents.

Airbags were designed to protect auto occupants during a crash. In many cases, airbags have saved lives in accidents that would have otherwise proved deadly. During a collision, the vehicle involved absorbs the force of the crash. Without seatbelts and airbags, passengers would continue to move at the speed of the car prior to the crash, therefore coming into violent contact with the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. Seatbelts provide some measure of protection, but often this is not enough. In cases where the force of impact is strong enough, airbags inflate to provide a cushion.

The downside to airbags is that the force necessary to deploy this cushion quickly enough may cause injury. Airbags were designed to work in conjunction with seatbelts. However, due to studies that have proven that many Americans do not, in fact, wear seatbelts regularly, U.S. airbags are actually more forceful than those used in other countries.

The most common injuries incurred from airbag deployment include skin abrasions, hearing damage, and eye damage as well as broken nose, fingers, hands, or arms. Other injuries to the extremeties can result. Head injuries (including injuries to the neck) are also a frequent casualty of airbag deployment.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has created an Auto Accident Injury Program to respond to injuries to the musculoskeletal system after an auto accident. For example, any trauma to the spine, ribcage, extremeties, and neck can lead to serious pain and immobility.

The Auto Accident Injury Program at our Monmouth County office provides a system of care that simplifies the recovery process. We have incorporated medical care for pain management with physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic. This program of care allows patients to receive every type of treatment they need for pain management in one location.

The Auto Accident Injury Program is outlined below:

Medical Care: Before beginning treatment, a medical doctor specializing in pain management completes a full diagnostic process. Our office includes several diagnostic imaging techniques, including traditional x-ray, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy. We are also certified to interpret the results of MRIs. Once a diagnosis has been made, a pain management and rehabilitation plan is created and implemented using physical therapy, acupuncture, and/or chiropractic care. In some cases, our Medical Director may incorporate steroid and/or anesthetic injections in order to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Physical Therapy: Rehabilitation for auto accident/airbag injuries may include any of the following practices: Spinal Decompression; Therapeutic Exercise; Low Level Laser Therapy; Ultrasound; Electrotherapy; and/or Kinesio Taping.

Acupuncture: This ancient technique is an excellent treatment for relieving pain and reducing anxiety after an auto accident. Acupuncture is an important part of a healthy pain management program; it often helps patients avoid the excessive use of painkillers.

Chiropractic: As with physical therapy, chiropractic care directly addresses the cause of pain by ensuring the health of the spine and, in turn, the health of the entire musculoskeletal and nervous systems.