Anxiety and Acupuncture

Auto accidents tend to happen at a very fast pace. As such, the brain is often unable to process the experience until after the crash is over and the body is no longer in danger. The diagnostic term for this delayed response is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Ancient Chinese medicine views stress and anxiety as blockages in the normal, healthy flow of energy throughout the body. By restoring the body’s natural balance, acupuncture helps many patients overcome negative emotions.

Acupuncture relieves pain, decreases heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes the muscles of the body. Western medical studies have shown that acupuncture helps the body to release endorphins—natural painkilling chemicals—in the brain. Endorphins serve to relax the body. Acupuncture also improves circulation of the blood throughout the body, oxygenating tissues and cycling out cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone) and other waste chemicals.