Back Injuries

Auto accidents can cause a number of back-related injuries, but the most common of these are herniated discs. The discs in the spine are located between the vertebrae; these circles of cartilage act as cushions when the body exerts pressure on the spine. Herniated discs occur when enough trauma causes the outer shell of the disc to tear and the soft, central portion bulges out.

When a disc herniation happens, some auto accident sufferers experience severe pain in the neck or lower back that extends to the areas related to injured nerve roots. Others may feel no pain at all, but may complain of numbness, tingling, or other sensory changes. It’s extremely important to have a full chiropractic assessment following an auto injury precisely because the signs of injury are often vague at first but can lead to chronic pain and health conditions in the future.

Chiropractic offers a conservative, drug free, and effective approach to herniated discs and other back injuries. The treatment programs at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation usually include gentle chiropractic adjustments to the injured area and spinal decompression traction. Progressive physical therapy is used in conjunction with chiropractic to stabilize the injured area.