Auto Accident Injury Program: Relief for Headaches in Monmouth County

Some of the most common auto accident injuries—including whiplash—can cause headaches. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has created a program for accident injury sufferers that allows patients to recover with healthy, conservative strategies that can eliminate the need for painkilling drugs. In the long run, the short-term headache relief experienced when taking medications can turn into lasting health issues. Our program for crash-related injuries will correct the cause of pain to ensure that one accident will not cause lifelong headaches or other health problems.

When auto accident trauma causes injury to the muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves of the neck, many patients begin to experience headaches. By addressing physical damage to the neck, post-accident headaches can be eliminated.

Headaches of all kinds, including migraines, may be associated with problems within the neck (the cervical spine). These do not need to be related to auto accidents to respond well to physical therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic treatment.

For the treatment of headaches at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, the following options are available:

Medical Care/Pain Management for Headaches

The medical staff at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation is led by our Medical Director, a pain management specialist. Known as a Physiatrist, this type of medical doctor specializes in pain management for musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. After diagnosing the exact cause of headache pain, our medical staff works in collaboration with our team of physical therapists, acupuncturists, and Doctors of Chiropractic for the best in healthy resolution of the injuries that can cause headaches.

Interventional Pain Management for Auto Accident-Related Headaches

In some cases, headaches are accompanied by extreme neck pain or other debilitating symptoms in the neck, shoulders, and arms. Headaches resulting from such pain may be alleviated using Trigger Point Injections (for headaches and neck pain related to the muscles). Another option is the use of Epidural Steroid Injections (when pressure on the spinal nerves is the origin of headache pain).