Low Level Laser Therapy for Auto Accident Injuries in Monmouth County

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s Auto Accident Injury Program is a multi-disciplinary treatment plan for auto accident injuries. As part of a comprehensive course of physical therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy can help to speed healing, reduce inflammation and pain, and prevent the formation of scar tissue.

After an auto accident, the pain management and rehabilitation process can be confusing, exhausting, and stressful. The Auto Accident Injury Program at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation was designed to simplify and improve this process so that patients can find stress-free and effective pain management following an injury incurred in a car crash. With this goal in mind, our office offers medical care, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic in our Red Bank, NJ office.

Laser Therapy is an effective component of our physical therapy department; it can be used to treat a number of auto accident injuries, including back pain, neck pain, whiplash, disc injuries, headaches, and numbness/tingling. It is a painless, drug-free, and healthy method of speeding healing and relieving pain.

Low Level Laser Therapy for Auto Accident Injuries

Low Level Laser Therapy (also known as Cold Laser Therapy) involves the application of red and near infrared light over injuries or lesions. The objective of this treatment is to improve wounds and heal soft tissue damage. When Laser Therapy is used with other practices such as therapeutic exercise or chiropractic adjustment, it can assist with the speed and quality of tissue repair. This is an important step in relieving acute and chronic pain.

With Low Level Laser Therapy, the healing process is accelerated at the cellular level. The light of the laser stimulates the development of fibroblasts—the cells the make up connective tissues. When cell processes are accelerated, pain and numbness associated with nerve-related conditions is addressed.

For many auto accident injury patients, the use of Laser therapy can help with the return to normal muscle and joint functioning after an auto accident. It can also work to prevent future injury by reducing the formation of scar tissue. Additionally, Laser therapy supports the creation of collagen, the main protein in connective tissues.

The Science behind Low Level Laser Therapy

The mechanism of action in Low Laser Therapy is similar to that of photosynthesis in plants. The light of the laser affects what can go in and out of the body’s cells (this is known as cell membrane permeability). In this way, Laser Therapy assists with the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main energy storage and transfer molecule within cells. More processes such as healing can take place when ATP production is stimulated.

Low Level Laser Therapy at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

Low Level Laser Therapy is used as part of an overall treatment program for auto accident injuries that may include additional physical therapy practices, traditional medical care, acupuncture for pain management, and chiropractic. Please contact our Red Bank, NJ pain management office if you have recently experienced an auto accident in Monmouth County.