Monmouth County Auto Accident Injury Program for Numbness and Tingling

Auto accident injuries can lead to compression and irritation of the nerves. Herniated discs are often caused by the trauma of an auto accident and can result in altered sensation.

Numbness and tingling after an auto accident are warning signs that some kind from an injury has occurred. Treatment for numbness and or tingling centers on pain management and rehabilitation for the condition that is leading or causing you to have symptoms.

Our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office has an Auto Accident Injury Program which was created to help patients rehabilitate while causing the body the least amount of stress as possible.

Our Auto Accident Injury Program incorporated medical treatment and physical therapy. Our office also offers chiropractic, acupuncture and massage in Red Bank for Auto Accident patients. We are also prepared to help patients coordinate legal and insurance issues.

For auto accident patients experiencing numbness or tingling, the first step is a full medical evaluation and diagnosis to determine the cause of the symptoms. In addition to traditional x-ray, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy, our office also incorporates Electrodiagnostic Nerve Testing. This process helps our Medical Director to identify the exact cause of numbness/tingling so that the treatment process can begin.