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The Causes of Back Pain

Speaking very generally, back pain is usually caused by age, disease, trauma, or some combination of these factors. For example, a young athlete may incur a minor sports-related trauma that results in an easy-to-treat case of back pain. That same injury might cause an older person much worse pain and disability.

Inactivity and obesity can also cause back pain, as can long-term postural issues, everyday activities (such as sitting at a desk or repetitive motions at work), and certain illnesses. Essentially, doing too much or doing absolutely nothing at all can cause back pain. Just getting older may be the culprit.

As a symptom, back pain rarely exists in a vacuum; it is often accompanied by a host of other sensations. These may include unpleasant symptoms in the arms, legs, or neck (depending on which part of the back is affected). For example, lower back pain sufferers may also experience ‘shooting’ pains in the leg, leg weakness, numbness, tingling, and other abnormal feelings in the lower extremities.

The following list includes some common reasons patients experience back pain:

Disc Injuries
Degenerative Disc Disease
Sports Injuries
Auto Accident Injuries

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