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Back Pain Relief Program NJ

“My back, legs and feet hurt so badly that I can’t live like this..”

Our Local NJ Facility offers the latest non-invasive, painless treatment for leg and foot pain and numbness sufferers. There is treatment your doctor may not know about that can possibly end your agony! We have offices located in both Red Bank and Wall Township, NJ.

To visit our office for a Back Pain consultation, complete the form on this page or contact our office at 732-345-1377.

On a daily basis, our patients come into the office with the following symptoms in their back, legs or feet.

  • Numbness
  • Burning Pain
  • Cramping
  • Sharp Electric Pain
  • Hurts when you walk
  • Difficulty sleeping from leg & foot discomfort
  • Prickling/Tingling Feelings


If you have had severe back pain and leg pan and you’ve heard it all before.

  • They told you to take more pills
  • They told you to you to exercise
  • They told you to “try” injections
  • They told you to “consider” surgery
  • They told you to STOP doing the things that you love to do

Imagine how your life would change instantly if you discovered a possible solutions to your pain and numbness.

The Physicians of Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation can show you how it may be possible for you to feel “normal” again.

  • To clean your house, PAIN-FREE
  • Pick up your kids or grand kids, PAIN-FREE
  • Play sports, PAIN-FREE
  • The freedom to come, go and do as you please, PAIN-FREE

What do we offer the severe back & leg pain and numbness sufferer?

Some severe back and leg conditions that we see can be helped by FDA cleared medical technology known as non-surgical decompression. By decompressing the spine, disc spaces can increase and relieve pressure on pinched or irritated nerves offering substantial relief.

The technology involved in spinal decompression allows the forces on the spine to cycled and ramped up and down in attempt to “confuse” your muscles so that a negative pressure is created in the disc to retract a bulging or herniated disc back into the center of the disc and allow it to heal.

This technology has been successful in the most severe cases.. even when nothing else worked. Even after failed surgery!

To visit our office for a Back Pain consultation, complete the form on this page or contact our office at 732-345-1377.

5StarTestimonial“After my car accident on June 23rd, 2015, I was suffering from back pain and neck pain on a daily basis.” Living with pain is no way to live. I saw myself not being able to do many activities and it complicated my life in many ways. Upon receiving chiropractic adjustments, I immediately saw a difference. I had less back pain, neck pain and headaches. I was able to sleep better during the night and even breathe better! I have also been receiving physical therapy the last couple of months. I have seen major improvement. I have had little to no pain when exercising and less discomfort during the day. Thank you to everyone at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation for helping me live a pain free life! – Nataly M.

5StarTestimonial“Over the years I have presented myself at the MPR door with a number of issues.” Some of them included herniated discs in both my back and neck, as well as sciatica. I have eased almost all of the treatment modalities offered, from chiropractic adjustments to physical therapy, acupuncture and epidural injections. I found a great deal of pain relief as the staff looked to apply the treatment that worked the best in every situation. The staff is friendly and caring and looks to make every visit a positive experience. I have been a long time believer in what the MPR team can do for my overall well being. This is the place to come with all of your physical challenges. -Jerry C.