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Back Pain and Acupuncture in Red Bank, NJ

Pain is a universal part of the human experience. In particular, back pain often causes sufferers to make poor choices when it comes to pain management; there are times when any solution that works appears acceptable. In many cases, people suffering from back pain rely too heavily on analgesic medications to ease suffering. However, painkilling medications, when used for extended periods of time, carry a heavy risk.

Fortunately, there are solutions for back pain that not only resolve the various conditions that cause back pain, but also promote the general health of the body. There is no reason to inflict harm on the body in order to manage pain. By providing medical care (including interventional pain management and commonsense medication management, physical therapy, and chiropractic, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation takes advantage of healthy practices to relieve pain and get the body back in motion.

Our Red Bank rehabilitation office has yet another tool in its healthy pain management arsenal—Acupuncture.