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Your balance doesn’t stay steady throughout your life. Just like your muscles and bones, your steadiness can deteriorate if it is not maintained. At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation in Red Bank NJ, Vibration training with the Power Plate® can help maintain and build balance and coordination.

Practicing balance exercises on the Power Plate® is unlike any other balance exercise you can do in a standard workout. The Power Plate® provides a whole body workout that engages 95% of the body’s muscle fibers, compared to as little as 20% with traditional equipment. Providing multi-directional vibrations, the machine promotes proprioception, which is the body’s ability to transmit a sense of position, analyze that information and react to the stimulation with proper movement. Proprioception is an internal feedback device which is crucial for balance. In simple terms, it means body awareness.

If you have ever performed exercise training on an uneven surface, you know that it’s harder because more muscle fibers are recruited. The same concept relates to the Power Plate® because the multi-directional vibrations give the body the sense of being on an uneven surface. The vibrations also increase activity in the neuromuscular system through involuntary muscle contractions. This improves balance as balance requires a significant amount of neuromuscular system function and integration.

The ability of the Power Plate® to train the neurological system has major benefits for treating people with neurological problems and elderly individuals who are prone to falls because of instability. Simply stated, the Power Plate® re-connects muscle groups and reflexes and reminds people how to move better. People of any age can benefit from improved balance, but it’s especially crucial for senior citizens, or those struggling with the effects of acute health problems, so they can improve control of their muscular functions.

For athletes, and even average people, vibration training through the Power Plate® can help them fine tune and improve their balance like never before by re-teaching the nervous system to connect muscle fibers. The Power Plate® has a positive effect on mind/body communication, improving balance effectively and stabilizing and strengthening the muscles supporting the joints.

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