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Acupuncture can help fibromyalgia patients with the pain and emotional issues common to the disorder. It can also be a useful tool in helping sufferers to stop smoking—an important factor in reducing symptoms.

Having recently worked with several fibromyalgia patients, I thought I might use this blog as a forum to reach out to those suffering from the debilitating condition. Many fibromyalgia patients know to avoid the various environmental factors that can trigger symptoms. It’s also a good idea to reduce stress and other emotional issues that can exacerbate your fibromyalgia.

Did you know that smoking and nicotene addictions are also problematic for fibromyalgia patients?

Fibromyalgia is a complex disorder characterized by widespread pain. Patients with fibromyalgia experience a heightened pain response, insomnia, depression, and fatigue. Because fibromyalgia is not very well understood, the usual treatment involves a variety of medications to treat symptoms. The process of finding drugs that work is often lengthy and frustrating.

For this reason, I am glad to see an increasing number of patients turn to holistic, drug-free options to help with fibromyalgia.

How does acupuncture help?

Acupuncture works by restoring the body’s natural balance, releasing blocked energy, and stimulating the body. Chinese and Western studies show that the insertion of needles at specific points can help with the release of certain chemical neurotransmitters.

Fibromyalgia patients should understand that the human body was designed to release these neurotransmitters naturally. Endorphins, in particular, relieve pain and enhance the immune system. You are more likely to experience pain and anxiety when your endorphin levels are low. Acupuncture has been shown to help the body release endorphins, therefore alleviating both pain and anxiety

Quit Smoking Now

Like any other doctor, I recommend that everyone stop smoking. With a personal history that includes family members who smoked, smoking cessation is one of my passions. Of course we all know the terrible health risks associated with smoking—various cancers, heart disease, etc.  For fibromyalgia patients, quitting smoking carries an additional benefit.

Many smokers with fibromyalgia report that smoking cigarettes triggers symptoms and flare-ups in their condition. The habit of smoking may actually make existing symptoms worse than normal. It’s pretty easy to understand why: when nicotene enters the bloodstream, it lowers the amount of oxygen circulating throughout the body. The muscles in your body are robbed of the oxygen necessary for repair, which can lead to pain.

Most people find smoking cessation difficult because of the emotional and physical side effects that accompany the withdrawal process. Acupuncture helps the body to achieve a more natural balance and speeds up the detoxification process. It can also relieve the anxiety, irritability, and headaches experienced when trying to quit.

Acupuncture at Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center

Our Red Bank, NJ facility treats fibromyalgia on a number of fronts. Of course, we offer chiropractic care. We also employ New Jersey Certified Acupuncturists in the treatment of many disorders.

Our Quit Smoking Now program has proven extremely effective. With a success rate of about 75% (exponentially higher than with any other method), I’m confident and excited that we can help many people to quit smoking. Contact our office today if you’d like to learn more about smoking cessation and the fibromyalgia treatments we offer.