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Acupuncture & Elements of the Change of Season

Mar 26, 2015 | Acupuncture

NicoleAcu.TeamPicSpring is upon us. Days become lighter and longer. Mother Earth is slowly waking up from hibernation and bringing forth new life.

Springtime is associated with the element Wood. This is linked to the Liver and Gallbladder. The Liver gives the capacity to plan and the Gallbladder gives ability to make decisions. “Through these officials we can see both new possibilities and the wisdom of the past, and thus see the clear and appropriate course to take.” When the Wood element in us is blocked or out of balance, we are easily angered and frustrated.

Wood Points:

Gallbladder 24- The “Sun and Moon” point is located in the 7th intercostal space, in line with the nipple. It helps to create balance between the yin and yang of the body. This point helps us to see both sides to a situation. Often when we are out of balance, we can only see one aspect and become attached to it. This point brings clarity and allows us to take action with certainty.

Liver 1- The “Great Esteem” point is located in the lateral corner of the nail bed of the big toe.  This is the first point on the Liver channel and sends Qi upwards like the new sprouts of Spring. This point represents pushing forward, new life and growth.

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