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Attitude of Gratitude

Nov 16, 2015 | Acupuncture


It is always a good time for an “attitude of gratitude,” but Thanksgiving gives us that extra reminder to give thanks for everything that we have. Luckily, after the holidays have come and gone, there is something else that we can utilize that can act as a constant reminder as well, acupuncture.

The concept of acupuncture is that we already have everything that we need in order to be well.  Acupuncture uses what is present within and simply rearranges it.  Acupuncture reminds the body to do what it already knows how to do.  In today’s society, we have congested our bodies with unbalanced diets, negative thoughts, stress and pollution. We are hustlers, go-getters, weekend warriors and although accomplishing a lot, we are compromising health for productivity. We can never be healthy if we do not give the body adequate time to rest and heal.

The body has always known what to do.  Almost immediately after you get a cut, blood vessels leading to the wound tighten to reduce flow to the injured area.  Platelets then gather in the area with clotting proteins and coagulate, allowing the bleeding to stop. White blood cells then flood the area to fight any germs and prevent infection. Finally, new skin is formed. All of these actions are of no coincidence. The body knows how to respond to injury, sickness, shock, etc., but when we disrupt normal patterns, the body becomes confused.  Acupuncture supports the body and mind, which allows balance to be restored, thus facilitating normal activity again.

ACUblogWe have been conditioned to believe the phrase “More is more.” We are constantly being bombarded by commercials and advertisements to get the latest products, the newest model of cars, trending clothes, jewelry, gadgets, and so on. Similarly, when we go to the doctors, we have come to expect to be sent for lab tests, scans and MRI’s. We are overloaded with prescriptions and medications without thinking twice. We are physically and mentally living in clutter. Acupuncture can help rearrange our desires and turn our “need more” motto into one of “simple yet effective.” By learning a lesson medicinally, we can apply this to other aspects of our lives and reframe our desires. This will help bring focus on what we already have and how we can utilize it advantageously.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with work, family, appointments and outside obligations. It is even easier to lose that sense of gratitude when you are feeling like this. Seeking within is the most beneficial and important thing you can do. Acupuncture may just be the reset button you are looking for. A great point to incorporate into either your own acupressure or acupuncture treatment is Lung 1. This point is called “letting go.” It can help in releasing grief, letting past issues go, as well as renewing the spirit. It is located in the upper outer portion of the chest, three finger widths below the collar bone.

The staff at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation wishes everyone a very happy, healthy and joyous Thanksgiving. We are thankful for amazing and appreciative patients like yourself and intend to continue to serve the community with the utmost care.

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