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This weekend brought a fair bit of snow, thanks to Nemo and I’m sure we all enjoyed the laborious task of shoveling while kids made snowmen and snow angels. Show shoveling can be quite a strenuous task especially if not done correctly and can even cause injuries, most commonly to the back.

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And according to the weather forecast, we will be expecting MORE snow today, another 1-3 inches! Here are some simply easy snow shoveling tips to help prevent injury:

(1) Warm up your body first to loosen and prepare the muscles

(2) Wear non-slip boots or shoes

(3) Try to push instead of lifting the snow

(4) Bend your knees and use your legs

(5) Avoid twisting motion of the back

(6) Watch your feet and where you are stepping

(7) Take breaks frequent and stretch

(8) Do NOT throw snow over your shoulder

Happy shoveling and be safe!