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Auto Accidents and Pain Management in Farmingdale, NJ

In one of the more bizarre news stories I’ve come across lately, a Farmingdale man recently plead guilty to driving an ice cream truck while drunk, an incident that led him to run over and kill a pedestrian.

Tragic stories like this remind us of the severity of auto accidents, and particularly the consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many of us think to ourselves, I would never do that. But if you’re driving and texting at the same time, your behavior is actually even more dangerous.

Auto accidents are on the rise due to the widespread proliferation of mobile phones and handheld devices. A number of studies are proving that driver reaction times while texting are slower than those of legally drunk drivers. If you’ve ever texted while driving, you know how true this is; it is frighteningly easy to get caught up in a text conversation and completely forget the primary task at hand (driving).

If you are interested in decreasing the likelihood that you will become involved in a serious auto accident, your best bet is to avoid using your phone while on the road. With the exception of serious emergencies, using your phone while driving is illegal in New Jersey.

Auto Accident Injury Program at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center

When auto accidents do occur, the Auto Accident Injury Program at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center can help crash victims reduce pain and return to normal functioning. This pain management program was designed to incorporate numerous treatment options in one location in order to reduce stress for patients during the rehabilitation process. We offer the following:

By combining traditional practices (medical care, physical therapy) with more holistic treatments such as chiropractic care and/or acupuncture, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center is able to offer the most complete and diverse pain management strategies possible. This often helps our patients to avoid the need for excessive drug use or surgery.

To learn more about our Auto Accident Injury Program, or for more information on pain management in Farmingdale, NJ, contact our office today. We also offer help for sports injuries in Farmingdale, neck and back pain, various painful conditions (tendonitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome), as well a debilitating illnesses (arthritis, fibromyalgia).

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