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Back pain is an all too common problem that plagues people across the world.

This type of pain can range from a simple and dull ache to sharp and burning agony. In addition, it can be either occasional or chronic, meaning that it can occur from time to time or be constant and unyielding. Thankfully, there are a range of treatments available for patients with back pain. At Monmouth Pain, we provide a wide variety of treatments ranging from conservative measures such as chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy to more invasive therapies such as epidural steroid injections and other interventional treatments.  Rarely does someone need surgery, but if they do our team of expert spine surgeons fix back issues with great results.


One of our patients, “Sandy” was suffering from a chronic lower back pain for over three years that had not improved with the conventional treatments she had used. She had tried physical therapy and medications, but neither seemed to work. Sandy was frustrated and worried that she would never find relief from the pain. Fortunately, she came to us at Monmouth Pain. With our expert staff and sophisticated treatment approach, we were able to find the root cause of her pain and develop a personalized plan of action that addressed her individual needs. After months of treatment, Sandy was finally able to achieve the relief she had sought so long.

At Monmouth Pain, we understand that back pain can be debilitating and frightening. That is why we make sure to work with each individual patient to find the treatment option that is best for them. Every person is different and so what works for one person may not work for another. We take our time to make sure each patient gets the best possible care to get them back to living their life. If you are suffering from back pain, don’t wait any longer. You deserve to be pain free and living life to the fullest. Come and see us at Monmouth Pain and let our team of experts help you on your journey to pain relief.

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