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Over the weekend members of our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation staff had the opportunity to take a CPR/AED certification/ re-certification course. We had an instructor visit our office and each individual who participated was trained and had hands on training to learn how to perform CPR/AED on adults, children and infants.

The instructor was hands-on, interactive and gave excellent verbal instructions that were very effective in teaching the course. Our practitioners and staff were able to ask questions and act out scenarios.  Each participant had the opportunity to demonstrate understanding of the objectives through individual and partnered role-play.

Everyone who participated was required to also take a written test in which they all passed.

CPR Cert Infant

Not only is CPR important for those who work in the medical field – but really can be beneficial for everyone. We encourage you to sign up for our Monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the events we have going on in the office.