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Hips Don’t Lie…

Sep 19, 2016 | Chiropractic

Written by: Eric Chludzinski, DC

3d rendered, medically accurate 3d illustration of the painful hHip pain happens as a result of various conditions of the lower back or hip. Some of the more common reasons are arthritis, injury to the soft tissues or infection. In all of these situations, the origin can be the hip joint itself or spine. Pain arises due to inflammation and swelling of these structures.  Inflammation in the joints will stretch the capsule and cause pain and stiffness.

The hip joint is lined with cartilage. This cartilage gives us the ability to move our leg in all directions as well facilitate gliding of the joint without friction. The femoral head and the acetabulum are lined with articular cartilage that allows the bones to move within the joint with less friction. With overuse or increased loading on it, the hip joint can wear away and restrict mobility and function of the leg. Joint stability is maintained by a group of soft tissues that encapsulate the hip joint.

There are a great deal of muscles and tendons that surround the hip joint. Various soft tissue structures cross the hip joint and allow movement of the leg in virtually every direction. These structures are also involved in hip joint stability. Additionally, there are sacs filled with fluid known as bursa. These bursas allow the soft tissues to move smoothly over the bone structures of the hip and leg. Through chronic overuse and irritation these bursa can become inflamed and act as a source of pain in the hip.

Another frequent area of irritation is one of the many nerves that stem down from the lumbar spine and supply the muscles of the legs with innervation. These nerves can become compressed by a spinal disc or inflamed muscle, tendon or ligament. These areas of impingement can create a pain referral across the hip, groin and leg.

Whether the pain is affecting your ability to play with your kids on the floor, swing your golf club or is affecting your workouts at the gym do not ignore what your body is telling you. Your body (specifically your hips in this case) doesn’t lie! It’s warning you that there is a problem…listen to your body.

The practitioners of Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation are highly trained at arriving at the correct diagnosis of the origination of hip pain. With the proper diagnosis, treatment will be determined and carried out with correct pain relief and rehabilitative measures.

When considering a remedy for hip pain, Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation should be your first stop. Our practice comes highly recommended by numerous physicians throughout Monmouth and Ocean County. Feel free to contact us for FREE consultation & evaluation by filling out the form on our website. If you are looking for faster service, give us a call at 732-345-1377. Just tell them that you read this blog and you will receive our complimentary in-office evaluation (a $245 value). 

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