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How To Get FAST Relief of Neuropathy Symptoms With These Painless Procedures

May 16, 2016 | Chiropractic

Written by: Eric Chludzinski, DC

Peripheral neuropathy is the term used to describe damaged nerves of the peripheral nervous system. The most common form, called (symmetrical) peripheral polyneuropathy, mostly affects the feet and the legs.

People suffering from neuropathy frequently describe weakness, loss of muscle and fine muscle twitching as symptoms.  However, other more specific symptoms may vary.  These symptoms vary because they depend on the types of nerves that have been damaged and where the damage has taken place in the body. For example, common symptoms of a damaged motor nerve are muscle weakness, cramps and spasms.  While symptoms associated with damage to the sensory nerve are tingling, numbness and pain.  The sensory nerve produces pain that can be described as burning, freezing, electric or extremely sensitive to touch.  Damage to the autonomic nerve can result in abnormal blood pressure and heart rate, incontinence and sexual dysfunction. 

Neuropathy is a progressive disorder meaning the damage it causes to the nerves progressively gets worse over time.

The majority of the patients treated for neuropathy at Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation have developed it as a result of nerve damage due to having diabetes. The other cases vary in the origination of their neuropathy.  Some have spinal injuries such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis. Others developed it after radiation treatments for cancer or from chemotherapy.

Though situations vary, most of the patients explore other available treatments prior to walking through the doors of Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation.  Many have tried various pain medications to help alleviate their pains symptoms. Others have tried prescription drugs, such as Neurontin, which help calm down the hypo/hyper sensitivity of the nerves in hopes to relieve the numbness and pain they experience. Physical therapy is also a common path taken. Unfortunately, many neuropathy patients have limited or temporary success with these treatments.

It is usually after these failed attempts to find comfort and rid themselves of their neuropathic symptoms that they come to Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation.  The treatments here are a unique approach from the others because they are painless, non-invasive and offer almost immediate relief.  Depending on the particular case, patients receive Class IV Laser Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Acupuncture and specified Chiropractic and Physical Therapies. Additionally, the doctors have taken the guesswork out of which nutritional supplements are going to give the best relief of the patient’s symptoms. After extensive research, the right combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids have been discovered to support nerve health in each patient suffering with neuropathy symptoms. In most cases, patients experience relief with just one treatment.

When considering a remedy for your neuropathy, Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation should be your first stop. Our physicians come highly recommended in Monmouth and Ocean counties. If you are looking for help, give us a call at 732-345-1377. Just tell them that you read this article and you will receive our complimentary in-office evaluation (a $145 value). 

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