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It’s Not Too Late: Giving the Gift of Summer and Health in Long Branch NJ

The holiday season may be coming to a close, but it’s not too late for Long Branch residents to give the gift of hope—hope for warmer weather, at least. The city of Long Branch is currently selling Seasonal Beach Badges for next summer. For a fee of $35, the badge comes with a gift box and ribbon.

As it is with most people, the holidays really make me reflect on the things that matter, especially family. When things are going well, I think it’s easy to take for granted just how important our health is to the well-being of the entire family unit. Issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, etc. may seem like personal problems, but in reality they affect all of our loved ones.

I recently spoke to a young woman who works in our office about the medical scare her family suffered this holiday season. After doctors found a mysterious mass of cells on her mother’s lung, the entire family was subjected to several weeks of torment while undergoing and waiting to hear the results of various tests (PET scan and biopsy). In the end, her mother was found to be cancer-free. After hearing the results, this young lady told me that there was nothing else she wanted for Christmas. All that mattered was the health of her family and friends.

Think of your own family. Doesn’t this ring true for all of us?

Maybe it’s time to finally make the commitment to quit smoking. Or perhaps you are hoping to lose weight or lower your blood pressure. Also, keep in mind that long-term pain (chronic pain) has a devastating affect on the body. Seeking treatment for chronic pain improves the quality of your life today while granting you better long-term health and longevity.

Let’s take a look at how we can resolve some of these important issues:

Smoking Cessation

Our highly successful program, Quit Smoking Now, uses acupuncture to address both the mental and bodily distress of smoking cessation. Acupuncture has an added benefit of speeding up the detoxification process so that the body can return to a more natural state of balance.

It’s important to understand that the act of smoking helps the body to release certain feel-good chemicals in the body. Acupuncture mimics the release of both serotonin and endorphins to minimize the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Weight Loss

We use a multi-faceted approach to helping patients lose weight. First, our highly skilled and compassionate physical therapists can help you learn how to use exercise safely and effectively. If pain is preventing you from staying active, our pain management specialist is prepared to offer a number of solutions to help you get moving once again.

Chiropractic care is also effective in relieving pain as well as ensuring the health of the central nervous system. When the nervous system is working properly, so too can the endocrine system (which is responsible for the production of hormones). Finally, acupuncture can assist with the emotional elements of weight loss.

Pain Management in Long Branch: Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the result of acute pain (pain that occurs immediately following an injury) that is left untreated. It is often experienced as a dull, achy sensation and, over time, may lead to fatigue, a weakened immune system, depression, and withdrawal from everyday activities. Our office has incorporated non-surgical medical care for the treatment of chronic pain, as well as physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. We also treat acute pain management conditions, including back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, and sciatica.

The major point I’d like to get across here is that it is unnecessary—and damaging—to live with pain on a long-term basis.

Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and Pain Management for Long Branch Patients

There is no better gift you can give your family this year than the promise of improved health. Let our office help you to live a longer, more active life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

*Anyone who would like to purchase a badge may do so at the Recreation Department on Bay Ave. or at City Hall in the Tax Collector’s office. The fee is $35; this offer is good through December 31st.

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