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Join us for the 2015 Monmouth Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk!

Pancreatic Cancer Walk Join our Team or Donate!

Our MPR Staff & Friends will be participating in the Monmouth Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk on Sunday, May 31, 2015. The walk will be held at Monmouth University in West Long Branch. Pancreatic Cancer Research Events are a great way to increase funding for research and raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. Lustgarten Foundation Events serve as a celebration of the progress being made in the fight against this disease and your important participation provides hope for the future.

The Lustgarten Foundation is the nation’s largest private supporter of pancreatic cancer research. Founded in 1998, the organization was named after cablevisions executive Marc Lustgarten, who died from the disease. The foundation is dedicated to advancing the scientific and medical research related to pancreatic cancer, the nation’s fourth leading cause of cancer deaths.

The Lustgarten Foundation concentrates on stimulating the scientific community to conduct research necessary to find early detection methods, better treatments and a cure for the disease. The Lustgarten Foundation has provided more than $110 million in support of promising pancreatic cancer research. The Foundation also works to provide free information for patients and caregivers. You can learn more about the Foundation itself by visiting their website, www.lustgarten.org.

If you’d like to join our team and walk with us on May 31st contact the front desk at 732-345-1377. We’d love to have you walk with us. Registration is at 8:30 AM and the walk will begin at 10:00 AM.

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