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Carol Pyburn – June 2015 Patient of the Month!

Congratulations to Carol Pyburn, our May Patient of the Month! Carol has been coming to our office for about a year now and is an excellent patient who has been dedicated to her rehabilitation success. Carol has a daughter who is 7 who also loves coming to our facility!

Carol explains she came in for pain shooting down her right leg down into her lower back. She had no idea what it was but knew that she should seek help of a chiropractor. Carol said her Mom actually saw an ad in the newspaper for a free evaluation so I thought I would give it a try.

A year and a half later I am free of leg pain, lower back pain and also knee pain that came up afterwards. I am now back in for weekly chiropractic maintenance.

“I love Chiropractic, Chiropractic is the best” says Carol. Carol explains how she has worked with other chiropractors and the work that they’ve done is not like Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. She says, “they’re a great group of people, therapists are great – they’re friendly and outgoing.” Carol also mentions how she loves how the practitioners explain everything that is going on – she says they treat you like a patient.

Carol explains how she is able to stand for longer periods of time at the sink, she can cook dinner. She says that before coming to Monmouth Pain she couldn’t stand for long periods without pain. Carol says, “I am the new me, my husband likes me better.”

Again, Congrats to our June 2015 Patient of the Month, Carol! We appreciate your hard work and dedication – thank you for being an excellent patient and taking the time to make our Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation office and your recovery a priority!