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At Monmouth Pain, we use a multi approach recipe to fix knee pain and joint pain. 

The most basic daily activities from bending down to picking up the grocery bag, climbing the stairs, walking from your car to the office, or just getting out of bed can feel so difficult when you are experiencing knee pain.

The good news? You do not have to decide to live with the pain, reduce your activity level, or start taking more pain medication. Monmouth Pain is here to help reduce knee pain while simultaneously increasing range of motion in the joint and improving its overall function.


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We are one of the only facilities in Monmouth and Ocean counties to offer a variety of services that support life in motion from knee injection therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy to physical therapy and chiropractic. 

If you’re looking for relief from knee pain, please give us a call at Monmouth Pain. You’ll be happy you did!

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