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Light it Up Blue with Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation

World Autism Awareness Day is Thursday, April 2nd 2015! Celebrate with Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation and shine light on Autism to help create awareness with us! Our office will be participating in Light it Up Blue!

Light it up Blue is a campaign that is dedicated to bringing attention to Autism awareness – the attention that it needs and deserves! You can participate with us in very simple ways – wear blue on April 2nd, share something about Autism awareness on your social media page, make a few friends aware of the day.

Light it up Blue

Here are some of the facts about Autism and the 10 years of progress Autism Speaks has made since first beginning their organization in 2005.

Autism’s prevalence has skyrocketed over the past 10 years. Ten years ago 1 in 166 children were diagnosed with Autism. Today, that number is 1 in 68.

Autism can be reliably diagnosed by age two.

Because earlier intervention improves outcomes – Autism Speaks is redoubling their efforts to increase early screenings and diagnose children at an earlier age so they can get the treatment they deserve!

High Quality early intervention does more than develop skills.

Early intervention can change underlying brain development and activity, it’s also cost effective because it reduces the need for educational and behavioral support in elementary school and beyond.

Behavioral Therapy can transform the lives of those with Autism.

There is now solid evidence to show the benefits of Behavioral therapy and Autism Speaks is successfully able to advocate for health coverage and behavioral therapy treatments. This is allowing families that were once denied get the therapy that they need.

Autism can affect the whole body and how it functions.

Autism-related GI Disorders are in fact real. An Autism Speaks study showed that half of children with Autism have GI disorders and the pain can worsen behavioral symptoms.  Seizures, disturbed sleep and painful GI disorders are just some of the medical conditions that are most common with Autism. The Autism Speaks Treatment Network has been dedicated to advancing a “whole person” approach to autism healthcare.

Nearly half of those with Autism wander or bolt.

Autism Speaks has taken the lead in promoting wandering prevention and recovery though the funding of programs that increase awareness and train first responders and teach water safety.

Even if you are not directly affected, we encourage you to educate yourself about Autism. Be an advocate for Autism and help build awareness with us.

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