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May 2015 Patient of the Month!

May 2015 Patient of the Month Val & Joe Freitas!

Congratulations Val and Joe on our May Patients of the Month!

May Patient of the Month

Val and Joe are a kind hearted, down to earth couple that have been coming to Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation for quite some time now. Val and Joe live locally, they have a 4 year old German Shepard pup and both enjoy animals and being outdoors.

Val is an Assistant in Wildlife Rehab and enjoys gardening and fishing. She herself was once a Physical Therapist – she is being treated at MPR for back pain and has had many treatments including Acupuncture which she says “she loves it”.  Val loves to tell us about the animals that she is helping and is so very knowledgeable about their habitat. It’s amazing to see someone as compassionate as she is!

Joe, a dog lover enjoys being outdoors and motor sports. He sustained two injuries a few years back, a right hip compression and a left foot fracture leaving him in pain.

As our Thank You to Joe and Val for being such dedicated, hardworking patients we’re treating them to a nice dinner out together and a bottle of wine! We want them to know just how much we appreciate them and their loyalty to MPR! Be sure to check out our new patient of the month board in the office, here we will share the patient of the month’s story, their testimonial and a photo.

Joe’s Testimonial

Three years ago I sustained two injuries; a right hip compression and a left foot fracture resulting in Morton’s Neuroma.” The increasing pain, numbness, loss of strength, endurance and flexibility rapidly decreased my daily mobility. I had injections, orthotics, surgery recommended and even rejected as new patient when told “its old age, live with it.”I read my symptoms in a MPR article in the Asbury Park Press. I wasn’t skeptical, I was hoping to get accepted as a patient! My initial appointment with Dr. Eric included an evaluation and then immediate treatment!! Upon completion I received an appointment schedule and the treatment plan was in place. Relief was setting in after the second treatment and has been increasing regularly as the pain evolves. The treatments are painless and the results are priceless. The efficiency, professionalism, knowledge and “feel better” goal of the entire MPR “Team” provides meaningful results, that’s why I recommended them to family and friends. – Joe Freitas

Val’s Testimonial

“After 4 months of PT at another facility resulting in only minimal reduction of back pain, I came to MPR at my husband’s insistence.”  He has been a patient at MPR and felt significant improvement. I’m glad I listened. MPR’s approach is different! MPR offered me a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment program to fit my specific needs and goals, incorporating chiropractic, acupuncture and PT treatments.

After a short time I started to see progress, with significantly less pain in my back, and the ability to start doing things again, like gardening, that I was unable to do before. I think the key to the effectiveness of treatment here is the staff, who are not only highly skilled but work so well together, treating the whole person, not just the affected part. From the front desk to the treatment areas, staff members always make you feel welcome and part of the “family” at MPR. They show genuine concern for my well-being and have created an environment here that is upbeat and motivating. My husband and I would (and have) recommended MPR to our friends, many of whom have subsequently received treatment here and have thanked us for the referral. It is truly an exceptional place with exceptional people. – Val Freitas

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