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Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation: Our Journey

There’s always so much going on at Monmouth Pain and Rehab that I feel like I don’t get the chance to blog as much as I’d like. Just recently, I sat down to be interviewed for a book and realized the extent to which the history of Monmouth Pain is really relevant to present-day treatment at our office.


From a one-room chiropractic office to a multi-disciplinary pain management and rehabilitation center, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has (so far) been on a fantastic journey.


I’m thrilled to see that, 13 years and many changes later, the same dedication to results-oriented and compassionate care—the same passion for excellence—is stronger than ever before.

Having already written The Practitioner’s Journey: The Path to Success for Holistic, Alternative and Integrative Health Professionals, Dan Clements (the owner of a naturopathic clinic in Ontario) has begun work on a new manual for healthcare practitioners. This new book will focus on healthcare practitioners who experienced immediate success in their private practices; for this reason, a friend of mine recommended me as a contributor.

It’s true that, while I started very small, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s first incarnation as a one-room chiropractic office (8 x 10 ft) was, in fact, quite successful. After three months had passed, I had patients lined up outside the door because there wasn’t enough room. At this point, I expanded to a larger space and hired my first employee. The larger space I moved into was a cozy 800 square feet and it is part of the current space I am still in today!

As of last year, our office now offers a Medical Staff (our Medical Director is a specialist in pain management), a full physical therapy department, chiropractic care, and a very recently expanded acupuncture department.

We also have multiple diagnostic and treatment options I wouldn’t have even imagined back in 1997 when I was still biking across town to pick up my patients’ x-ray results. Now, we offer X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, and Electro-diagnostic Nerve Testing.

So… why was Monmouth Spine and Rehab a success?

After having treated literally thousands of patients, I can tell you exactly why my practice has been a success: it is because I am just as excited today about helping people as I was all those years ago when I first began. And I’ve made sure that every person who works in our office—whether they are a Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist, or Doctor of Chiropractic—feels exactly the way that I do about helping people.

I have personally made house calls, something that is practically unheard of in this day and age. It’s important to me that I convey to my patients that I really and truly care about their well-being. I know that part of my job is gaining your trust.

I hope that patients can sense just how authentic we really are here at Monmouth Pain and Rehab. Toward this end, I make sure to remain an absolute expert on every aspect of my specialty. This commitment dates back to my school-days, when I would borrow money to attend conferences on the weekends (when most of my friends were partying).

When we started out I was primarily using a form of chiropractic known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP, a type of treatment based on biomechanics and physics). Even before leaving school, I made sure that I spent my time becoming an expert on CBP, to the point where I was teaching other students about CBP even before I graduated. This means that by the time I opened my doors, I was really raring to go. I was completely prepared, equipped, and really in a position to make a difference in people’s lives through chiropractic. (CBP remains the primary form of chiropractic used in our office today.)

I’m thrilled that our practice gets as much attention as it does. For example, we were recently profiled in CureChronicles.com, a web site dedicated to stories of recovery from so-called untreatable conditions. Our story (https://curechronicles.com/?p=910) centered on the successful recovery of one of our patients—an amazing woman who had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and who is now functioning at levels previously thought impossible.

Rehabilitation and Pain Management at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation: The Journey Continues…

After 13 years and more than 7,000 patients, there is more than a feeling of accomplishment. It’s like I’ve been given this great opportunity to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping others.

Prior to opening my practice, I took the time to get to know the community of Red Bank by doing volunteer work helping teens to get off drugs. I’m really privileged in that the continuous, golden thread that runs throughout my life is one in which people allow me to be a major player in their healing and rehabilitation processes.

Please, if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, auto accident injuries, sports injuries, or if you simply want to get back in action without pain, feel free to contact our Red Bank rehabilitation and pain management office. There’s no reason to live with pain or accept a lower quality of life. There is also no reason to believe that traumatic surgeries or long-term painkiller use are your only options. I look forward to seeing you.

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