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Watch as Dr. Keith Murray, DC talks about what you should expect if you are a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle accident. Some injuries may present themselves right away as others may take days, or even weeks to be known. Signs and symptoms and things that you can recognize after you’ve been in an accident. Even low speed impacts you can still has symptoms. Delayed symptoms head aches, neck pain, back pain or changes in moods. One of the other things to remember is that PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder can also present itself as mood changes- you may be agitated, scared or have anxiety about driving or have flash backs of the accident.

Sometimes we can have soft tissue that makes us sore – this can not be seen on x-rays and that is why it is important to get checked out because you want to make sure that this does not lead to an even more serious issue.

Whether you are the driver, or a passenger in the vehicle that was in a motor vehicle accident you can still feel the effects and have possible injuries or strains from being involved. It does not matter if you were in the front seat or the back seat, it is important that you also get checked out for injuries that may have been caused by the impact, even if it was a low impact accident such as a fender-bender.

If you or someone you know has been in an accident please contact our office to schedule an appointment for your post car accident consultation. It is important to not let too much time pass or let your injuries get too severe. Our offices are located in both Wall and Red Bank, NJ – you can contact our front desk at 732-345-1377.