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Pain Management for Auto Accident Injuries in Monmouth County

I’ve spoken a lot recently about the difficulties facing pain patients. Without a cohesive plan of attack, the fight against painful conditions can often be long and sometimes even ineffective.

For auto accident injuries, many patients endure a frustrating process that involves visits to a medical doctor, a chiropractor, a physical therapy office, and perhaps an acupuncturist. To me, this is the worst possible scenario: here we have a patient in pain, running from office to office, receiving treatment with little or no communication between practitioners.

In our Monmouth County office, we’ve simplified this process by offering the very best practitioners in every pain management modality. Our office now includes a Medical Doctor specializing in pain management, as well as a team of physical therapists, an acupuncturist, Chiropractic Doctors, and a massage therapist. Perhaps the best aspect of this type of care is that all of our practitioners work in close communication with one another.

In 2009 alone, there were 21,712 auto accidents in Monmouth County. That statistic shows us that approximately 3.5% of the population in our county will, in any given year, experience a traumatic auto accident. Auto accident patients usually come to Monmouth Pain and Rehab with whiplash, back pain, herniated or bulged discs, and/or injuries to the arms and legs.

For auto accident injuries, immediate treatment is extremely important for the recovery process. Ignoring the signs or symptoms of an injury may lead to long-term chronic pain conditions, which can be much harder to treat.

After an auto accident, the first step is to undergo a full diagnosis before beginning any treatment. At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center, our Medical Doctor completes a full orthopedic and neurological examination. Our Red Bank, NJ facility offers a number of imaging techniques, including traditional x-rays, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.

A treatment plan for auto accident injuries may then include any of the following:

Pain Management through Conservative Medical Care: Our Medical Director (a Medical Doctor specializing in pain management) leads a team of practitioners to create and implement a program of care to reduce pain, increase mobility, and (when necessary) help patients adjust to the use of assistive devices such as wheelchairs or braces. The paradigm of treatment at Monmouth Pain and Rehab is to help patients avoid surgery or excessive drug use.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture addresses both the emotionally and physically traumatic aspects of auto accidents. By helping with the release of serotonin and endorphins, acupuncture highlights the body’s natural ability to handle anxiety and pain.

Physical Therapy: Auto accident victims are often in extreme pain; in many causes, injuries can lead to immobilization. The purpose of physical therapy for auto accident injuries is to reduce pain while helping patients return to normal functioning. Physical therapy may include therapeutic exercise, spinal decompression, low level laser therapy, and ultrasound technology.

Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic can help to promote the body’s natural healing process and restore it to optimal health. This is accomplished by fixing the misalignments in the spine that can be caused by any type of trauma, including auto accident injuries.

Massage Therapy: Deep tissue massage focuses on adhesions (bands of painful and rigid tissue) that are sometimes associated with auto accident injuries. These adhesions can limit movement, block circulation, and cause pain and inflammation.

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation Center and Auto Accident Injuries

Our Red Bank, New Jersey office provides all of the services described above for those who have recently experienced an auto accident. Please contact our Monmouth County office to learn more treatment for auto accident injuries in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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