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September Patient of the Month

Aug 24, 2015 | Chiropractic

Congratulations to Joanne Woodland, our September 2015 Patient of the Month! Joanna is a dedicated patient who is being treated at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation – we’re excited to call her our patient of the month, read Joanna story of how she find MPR, what she’s being treated for and how she likes our practice.

Joanne is training for the 2016 NYC Marathon. She is an avid athlete and had suffered a hamstring issue, she also knew that she had something more going on in her low back. She visited 5 other pain management facilities before coming to Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. One facility and Doctor suggested surgery – Joanne said she knew this was not the right solution to maintain her active lifestyle.

Joanne explains the second she walked in the Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation doctors were good listeners. She explains “The doctors keep me healthy and active, I ran 16 miles on Saturday. I am training for the NYC marathon, I do stand up paddle board racing and triathlons.”

Joanne also states how she had a lower back issue last year, she knew that it wasn’t the same pain – she asked Dr. Bodner D.O, our medical doctor if she could receive an MRI outside of our office – of course he agreed. Joanna explains how grateful she is that our doctors actually listen to what you’re complaining of – they try to get to the root of the problem and treat your body as a whole. Joanne comes in twice and week and has received all of our services including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Medical.

“You can see the team work and communication, the place is pretty hip too. Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation has allowed me to be a mature athlete and train for the 2016 NYC Marathon.” says Joanne.

We’re so pleased to have Joanne as our September Patient of the Month! She has been so dedicated, a pleasure to work with and it truly shows in her progress!

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