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Red Bank, NJ chiropractic office offers even more ways to reduce neck pain and ensure correct posture.

I think that, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have a responsibility to my patients to remain on the forefront of new research, techniques, and products. I want to make sure that every chiropractic patient that visits our Red Bank, NJ office is being treated with the most effective means possible.

Toward this end, I am certified in and practice a type of chiropractic known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). CBP is based on physics and biomechanics for better health through better overall posture.

Having ideal posture can make a vast improvement on your health. On the other hand, an abnormal neck (cervical) curve can lead to a number of health problems, including:

Neck Pain: An unhealthy neck curvature often results in a forward head position. For every inch that the head moves forward in posture, the weight of the head on the neck increases exponentially by ten pounds. For example, a forward neck posture of three inches increases the weight of the head by thirty pounds (the average human head is ten pounds), and the pressure placed on the muscles of the neck increases six times.


Bone Spurs and Arthritis: Poor posture places unhealthy stress on bones, which are then forced to remodel in order to accommodate the new pressure. This action spurs osteoblast cells in the bone to activate more growth, which presents as bone spurs and initiates an inflammatory response. Over time, this condition can lead to arthritis.


Shorter Lifespan: Posture is directly related to longevity. A study documented in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that forward head posture is a major cause of decreased lifespan.


Treatment for Neck Pain and Abnormal Neck Curvature at Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center

In addition to physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments, our facility now offers the use of the Denneroll Neck Orthotic. This device should only be used under the supervision of a CBP certified spinal health professional. Its purpose is to provide a stretch in the direction of your normal neck curve. As one component of an overall treatment plan, this may help you improve movement, relieve tension in the muscles, and—most importantly—assist in the correction of an unhealthy neck curvature.

At our Red Bank office, a Doctor of Chiropractic will assist you in learning how to use the Denneroll Neck Orthotic to aid in your recovery. This device fits perfectly with our overall goal: to produce actual, verifiable differences in the health of your spine. After a course of chiropractic care, we are always thrilled to compare a patient’s before-and-after x-rays.

Please contact our Monmouth County chiropractic office to learn more.