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The History of Chiropractic: Part Two

Apr 15, 2010 | Chiropractic

The Future of Chiropractic at Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center

The history of chiropractic is a fascinating subject. However, what really interests and motivates me is the knowledge that Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center is at the forefront of chiropractic today. We are part of the future of chiropractic, and I’m excited to share with you what we’re doing in our Red Bank, NJ facility that’s different from other chiropractic offices.

Living Longer through Chiropractic

It’s true that chiropractic relieves pain and, through the removal of nerve interference, helps to alleviate many disorders. Chiropractic commonly treats such conditions as neck pain, back pain, arthritis, and migraines, among many others.

What I’d like for my patients to understand, however, is that lifelong spinal health can help you to lead a longer, more active life as a whole. Proper posture and spinal alignment can actually extend your life! I believe that further widespread use of chiropractic toward the goal of living longer, happier lives is truly the future of this profession.

Our New Jersey practice is dedicated to correcting posture and ensuring proper spinal alignment in order to help our patients live the longest lives possible. Yes, we use traditional chiropractic techniques, including cranio-sacral, Webster Baby Turning Technique, the Palmer Method, Upper Cervical Specific, and general diversified (just to name a few). However, we’re taking chiropractic a step further with a practice known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP).

With CPB, our work emphasizes the importance of correcting postural distortion by remodeling the spine to a normal position. CBP corrects whole spinal misalignments and posture in order to achieve better overall well-being and extended life.

How does this work?

Well, we know that patients with an abnormal neck curvature have a greater rate of mortality (that is, they live shorter lives) than those with a properly aligned neck spine. Based on biomechanics and physics, CBP surpasses the goal of reducing the symptoms of misalignments that lead to poor health. The purpose of this treatment is to restore the total spine to structural normalcy in order for the body to function properly in every way.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

At Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation, we embrace a holistic approach to wellness. Holistic treatment involves analyzing and treating the patient as a whole; we do not simply dissect specific problems or parts. Toward this end, we incorporate acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, and traditional medical practices.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that a patient came to Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center following an auto accident in which whiplash was the primary concern. This hypothetical patient might receive the following treatments:

• Traditional medical techniques: We are certified to read and review the results of MRI technology, in addition to traditional x-rays.

• Chiropractic: Chiropractic care would address the damage to the soft tissues of the neck (cervical) spine that is usually found in whiplash patients. It works to correct the type of cervical misalignments associated with whiplash.

• Massage Therapy: This may be used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustment to warm the damaged soft tissues and make joints more pliable. Massage therapy is especially suited for working in conjunction with chiropractic because it helps to stabilize the spine.

• Acupuncture: The patient might also be experiencing serious stress and anxiety after the trauma of an auto accident. Acupuncture can address the energy blockages associated with such negative emotions. It can also help the body to release endorphins (natural painkilling chemicals) into the brain.

• Physical Therapy: We offer advanced physical therapy techniques as well as corrective spinal traction. Overall, the purpose of physical therapy for our Monmouth County whiplash patients is to restore the body to its pre-accident condition.

Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center: The Future of Chiropractic

Feel free to visit our Red Bank, NJ chiropractic office to learn more about the multi-disciplinary, forward-looking approach employed at our facility. We are also dedicated to employing not only the most qualified, competent practitioners, but also to creating an atmosphere that is open, relaxing, and truly dedicated to results-oriented care.

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