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Understanding Scoliosis

Chiropractic care for scoliosis in Monmouth County, NJ

Sometimes you really can’t stand up any straighter. When one shoulder or hip is higher than the other, it’s not simply a matter of poor posture and it’s not your fault—these are signs of a condition known as scoliosis.

Another visual clue? Your ribs or shoulder blade may be more prominent on one side than the other, and your waist may look uneven.

But what is Scoliosis?

We diagnose scoliosis when a patient’s spine curves to one side. Like many medical terms, the word ‘scoliosis’ has its roots in the Greek language: skolios means crooked.

When a sideways curve develops in the spine (and is more than 10 degrees) we call it scoliosis. We often see an abnormal spinal curvature toward the front (lordosis) or back (kyphosis) in scoliosis patients.

What causes Scoliosis?

Most people who have scoliosis (or family members with scoliosis) can tell you that it is at least partially a genetic disorder. One of my scoliosis patients has a family that can testify to the genetic origin of the condition: both of her siblings, her mother, and an uncle all have varying degrees of scoliosis.

This is, of course, simply anecdotal; for more than 80% of cases, scoliosis is considered ‘idiopathic.’ That is, the cause is unknown. For the 20% remaining, scoliosis can be attributed to trauma, tumors, neurological diseases, differences in leg length, or other factors.

What are the dangers of Scoliosis?

I am always mindful of both the physiological and psychological components of scoliosis. The condition can limit your activity levels, cause pain, reduce lung function and/or affect heart function. I know that many scoliosis patients have self-esteem issues. Women are more commonly affected by scoliosis than men, but of course body image issues can be a real concern for any person.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, what really concerns me is the health of the spine and how it can affect pretty much every other part of the body’s functioning. Your spine acts as a moderator for basically every physiological function of the body. This includes everything from breathing to the production of hormones.

Treatment for Scoliosis in Monmouth County

Because scoliosis most commonly develops during periods of rapid growth, I suggest that all parents take the time to do a quick at-home test. Further exams can include a complete history and postural analysis, often involving the use of x-rays. When scoliosis is diagnosed, particularly in a child, periodic reevaluation is sometimes necessary.

At Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center, we offer specialized chiropractic care that involves traction and exercise. For cases that do not require surgery (and the vast majority do not), chiropractic care is helpful on a number of levels: it can help to alleviate the scoliosis condition while leading to greater overall health. For children, beginning chiropractic care early can give them a head start in leading longer, healthier lives in general.

Scoliosis treatment in our Red Bank, NJ office includes not only chiropractic care but also physical therapy and other holistic modalities. Please visit our office or make an appointment for a free consultation at our Monmouth County rehabilitation center.

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