Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation offers a full range of massage services available at both our Wall and Red Bank locations. Massage is proven to relax muscles, ease and soothe aches and pains all while rejuvenating the body and create balance.

Massage can also be used as a treatment for many conditions and injuries such as back, neck and even shoulder pain.

Our Red Bank massage therapist also help our patients with improving blood circulation. Massage treatments will allow the blood to flow easier throughout the body. By doing this you can remove toxins and wastes from critical regions including the organs and muscles.

Another great result from effective massage therapy is that it could lower blood pressure over time. Massage can help lower blood pressure which is especially important for our patients who have heart conditions or pulmonary disease.

Massage therapy will help patients increase their range of motion. Whether due to age, injury or just plain lack of movement the body’s tendons, ligaments and muscle begin to tighten up and our body creates loss in motion and in-turn disables us from doing things we enjoy. Massage therapy at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation.

Headaches, Depression and Anxiety Relief

Depression and anxiety pose real problems to both our mental and physical health. Both of these disorders can lead to stress, fatigue and even make us more susceptible to disease by decreasing the strength of our immune system. Scientific studies have shown that massage therapy can help build you immune system by increasing your body’s levels of cells that act as our first line of defense against viruses.

Patients have also mentioned that they mentioned that their newly found relaxation helps them cope and release their feelings of anxiety that have stricken them in the past.

Headaches can also be disabling for an individual. Many of our patients at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation have come to us with excruciating tension headaches, migraines and headaches resulting from the lack of sleep and poor diet.

Swedish, Deep Muscle Tissue &  Myofascial Therapy 

Swedish Massages are the most common and well known massage. It utilizes five different massage techniques. The technique that is used is called effleurage which is known as the “light touch” technique. This technique is used to prepare the muscles for deeper tissue massage. The second technique is friction where the palms of the hands are used in a circular motion to release pressure in the muscles. Vibration is the fourth technique in a Swedish massage and percussion is the fifth which is light tapping on the patient’s body.

Deep Muscle Tissue Massage is a deep tissue massages to work deeper muscle and connective tissue in the effort to realign these muscles and relieve deep pressure and tension that is commonly formed. Deep tissue massages are very often used on issues in the back, neck and or shoulders. These type of massages get much deeper into the muscle to help elevate pain and discomfort.

The last most common massage, Myofascial Release is a form of massage that is very beneficial for alleviating pain and increasing range of motion. Myofascial release is based on the understanding of the body’s fascial system. This practice utilizes techniques to relax this group of muscles and promote a better range of motion to remove pain, tightness or even pressure build-up in one’s body.

Massages have many benefits to both the body and overall health and wellness. If you are interested in a Massage in Wall or Red Bank at our Monmouth and Rehabilitation office contact us today at 732-345-1377.