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Welcome Relief from Holiday Stress: Free Massage Offer

Dec 27, 2011 | Massage Therapy

At Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation, we’re known for our revolutionary programs of pain management and rehabilitation. It’s important not to forget that we consider emotional suffering just as important as physical, and for good reason: negative emotional states can have a serious, destructive impact on the health of the entire body.

While the holidays bring us closer to our families, they also tend to cause or exacerbate negative feelings. In particular, the whirlwind of demands in the form of shopping, cooking, parties, entertaining, cleaning, etc. can take a real toll.

In this light, Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation would like to help as many members of our community as possible. Recently, we’ve extended the opportunity to win a free massage (we’re offering up to 50 free massages in our Red Bank pain management office). The contest concludes on January 2nd, so you still have plenty of time to enter.*

Stress is terrible for your body. We’ve spoken at length on this subject recently—how stress can cause hypertension, heart disease, headaches, stomach disorders, and even cancer.

Anxiety, depression, and other destructive emotional states can also lead to back pain. When the muscles are chronically tense, they literally squeeze the blood vessels. A lack of circulation means that the muscles don’t receive necessary nutrients and oxygen. Muscles suffering from limited circulation send pain signals to the brain to alert the body that something is wrong. Over time, the muscles begin to become weak, which causes even more disorder within the body and additional pain.

Massage can help relieve pain, improve circulation, and exercise tight, tense, or atrophied muscles. It also directly alleviates anxiety and depression by decreasing cortisol production while boosting serotonin. Massage enhances immunity (we also use acupuncture for better immunity in our Red Bank office), a crucial function during the colder months.

We hope you’ll take advantage of our special offer and find relief from holiday stress and anxiety in the soothing environment of our Red Bank, NJ office. For stress, back pain, and a wide variety of other conditions, we offer the following types of care:

  • Medical: For serious cases of back pain, we provide Epidural Steroid Injections (as well as other cortisone injections) in our Monmouth County pain management center. Our Medical Director also coordinates an entire team of healthcare practitioners—from chiropractors to physical therapists and acupuncturists—so that we fully address all of your physical and emotional needs.
  • Chiropractic: Many of you instinctively visit a chiropractor for back pain, but this type of care—particularly the type of chiropractic used in our Red Bank office—is also helpful for stress, tension, and the general, overall health of your body. Instead of focusing on specific misalignments of the spine, we ensure the proper alignment of the entire spine. This means that your central nervous system works properly so it can coordinate properly all the functions of the body such as sleep, digestion, and immunity.
  • Physical Therapy: In addition to relieving pain, PT also helps to get you moving again, an essential component in feeling better mentally.
  • Acupuncture: We’ve included acupuncture in our practice because it so accurately reflects two of our main objectives: to help patients deal with pain without drugs (it provides really excellent pain management) and to simultaneously address emotional and physical suffering.

To enter the running for a free massage, visit this link. To learn more about Monmouth County pain management, contact our Red Bank, NJ rehabilitation office.


*Promotion valued up to $60.00.

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